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I live, I see, and I write. I’ve done that for years on social media and in newspapers and magazines. I’ve also done it in both my books. Here’s a column titled Facebook Face-off that shows you how my life was derailed by Facebook. Here’s one titled The Best or Nothing that describes the twilight years of a car that once gave meaning to our lives.

I recently wrote twenty letters from Singapore when I lived there in the first half of 2021. My readers said they found my posts engaging and informative. Read the first one—Quarantined in Paradise—and I hope you’ll be hooked and want to read them all. Many local Singaporeans said that my words made them look at their hometown with new eyes.

I’m back now in the San Francisco Bay Area, my home for the last four decades. Since I have so much to say, I decided to continue writing my weekly newsletters in a slightly different form. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and, now, ahem, on ClubHouse.

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